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The Importance of International Economic Relations to World Peace

International Economic Relations

Intro: In a global society, it is essential to maintain international relations as we need to stand together and support each other. The world is becoming smaller and smaller with the development of the communication technology. We can reach out to any part of the world in just no time, and thus cooperation and peaceful relations between countries are vital. International Relations in olden days: The international relations are just like the peace treaties which were signed back in those days; people could go about having a healthy life and earn a living but not dedicate themselves to any armed…

Ways to Create Economic Growth

Economic Growth

The Economic crisis is one of the most significant challenges every single country faces in today’s world. The financial growth is essential to a nation as it affects the market value of various goods and services. The development of a country does not happen in isolation, the series of events happening in one country affects the growth of another country. The economic growth is measured by Gross Domestic Product (GDP) which is the combined value of all the good and services in a country in a given period. It is quite essential to figure out the ways to improve the…

The Long-Term Results of Protests

Yesterday I left work early to avoid traffic. On the way out, a student asked me if I was not going to protest. I said no, for I had no conviction that he would have any concrete results. She replied that it was because of people like me that the country did not go forward. That made me reflect a bit and think about the history and results of recent popular movements. I was born in 1979, during the military regime. I did not participate in Direct Already. I was very small. From what I read, the people went the streets asking for direct elections for…