The Importance of International Economic Relations to World Peace


In a global society, it is essential to maintain international relations as we need to stand together and support each other. The world is becoming smaller and smaller with the development of the communication technology. We can reach out to any part of the world in just no time, and thus cooperation and peaceful relations between countries are vital.

International Economic Relations

International Relations in olden days:

The international relations are just like the peace treaties which were signed back in those days; people could go about having a healthy life and earn a living but not dedicate themselves to any armed conflicts. The international relations we talk about today are quite similar to these peace treaties.

Importance of economic state:

As a country is valued based on its economic state, it is necessary to develop international relations to promote various trade policies. We can achieve global peace when global trade increases. Through the business interaction, mutual gains are brought among the countries; these mutual benefits build the personal relationship and develop a shared understanding among nations. In modern times, it is believed that international trade is the foundation for global peace and prosperity. When a country can get a resource from another nation, it promotes practical trade policies and also promotes peace among nations.


International relations determine the border control policies of a nation. It is always good to preserve the legitimate businessmen, tourists, etc. to increase the economic status of a country. Sometimes a county may require the help of immigrants to bring various developments. The mutual dependence of two nations brings about peace and increases the insensitive for cooperation.

Challenges faced:

There are many challenges a nation faces on a daily basis. There are concerns over the environment, sudden outbreaks of diseases, terrorist issues, etc. All these problems and challenges can be tackled if nations cooperate by sharing resource and information to help efficiently solve the problem. When resources are shared it automatically resolves the difficulties that many countries face as it creates a balance. When all the nations have what they need, then the economic growth is increased automatically, and societies tend to live in harmony with each other. When resources are not shared, the nations become hostile with each other, and no one is profited in the end.

International relations can also be built by promoting the cultural background of various nations. The world is filled with so much diversity, and it is quite exciting to know about every one of them. Allowing tourists to visit the country to learn about the culture; promoting student exchange programs and having cultural exhibitions to showcase and enhance the understanding of various lifestyles of people must be done.


In the end, living in peace and prosperity is the goal of many nations, and only such kind of living is going to feed everyone. The economic instability of a country will always provoke a political upheaval in the country, so it is essential to focus on the economic growth of a nation and the ways that can be achieved.

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