The blog started in 2008, when it had its highest number of annual posts. At that time I was starting my third year of my PhD and I was starting my thesis. It was a period of high creativity and it needed a tool of interlocution with other friends and economists. That’s how the blog started.

The economic crisis came at once and helped spread the blog as people ran after economic news. Also in 2008 was made the E-book of Prohibition , which was also fundamental for the disclosure of the blog.

In 2009, the number of posts dropped from 523 to 356, but visits skyrocketed. The blog was getting known in academia and received quotes on several other economics blogs. The blog had taken on larger proportions than initially imagined.

In the year 2010 the posts decreased even more. With my move to Brazil and my early academic life at FUCAPE, the blog temporarily went idle, to resume activities with full force in the last quarter. The result of the effort and participation of the readers came in the form of prize.

In 2010, the blog won the Top Blog 2010 Award in the Economy category through the vote of Internet users, the so-called Popular Jury. The blog still ranked second in the Academic Jury. The blog got its peak audience in November 2010 with almost 5 thousand monthly visits.

In the first half of 2011 was held the First National Meeting of Bloggers of Economy. I, Claudio Shikida (De Gustibus) and Carlos Eduardo Gonçalves (Under the Economist’s Lupa) organized the event on March 25 at FEA / USP. It was very cool and a new edition should take place in 2012 in BH.

The event contributed to the bloggers getting to know each other and also to spread the economic blogosphere.

Still in the first semester I created the so-called weekly Mantegadas, where all week I caught the foot of the Minister of Finance Guido Mantega. The goal is to make a little humor with the minister, always using a debauched and / or sarcastic tone. The staff liked it and kept getting suggestions for preserves every week.

The blog went through a new layout change in August 2011, when my cousin Rodrigo Costa da Silva did all a design work that made the blog cleaner and more dynamic. The reception of the regulars was very good. And I leave here my thanks to him for this work!

In 2011 the blog won a page on Facebook , a YouTube channel, and increased the partitioning on Twitter . With the support of social networks the blog received more than 70 thousand visitors in the year. The blog closed 2011 with more than 680 fans on Facebook, more than 10 videos on YouTube and about 300 followers via Twitter.

The participation of the readers was very cool! We did two promotions on Facebook and Twitter and one of them had more than 100 subscribers. The blog won a course at Corval (one of the blog’s partners) and also two books for readers.

Still in 2011 the blog participated in the Top Blog Award 2011. This time the situation was reversed, the blog received the Top Blog 2011 Award in the Economy and Finance category by the Academic Jury and was second in the Popular Jury.