Pyramids and Castles

Apparently Telexfree’s operation was dismantled. A lot of alerted my students and friends about the imminence of an end like this for “multilevel marketing” company. According to the Economic Monitoring Secretariat:

“Although they often operate for some time and during that time, meet or exceed the expectations of some participants, inexorably, pyramid schemes will collapse and damage a significant portion of their ‘investors’. The bankruptcy of a pyramid does not follow, as one observes in legitimate business, shocks of demand, competition with more efficient agents or other market factors, but the inescapable limit of people prone to adhere to it “

The most surprising, in my opinion, was the duration and reach that the company obtained. They were followed months of performance. According to information, only in Acre, 70 thousand people were registered as divulgers of the company. For those who are curious, the opinion of the judge who maintained the suspension of the company’s activities .

He came down the sand castle, as Fernando Vanucci would say. I hope no acquaintance or friend has lost money on the joke.

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