Welcome to Cristiano M. Costa’s blog, here you will find posts about national and international economy, book reviews, funny posts, economic concept analysis, videos and podcasts on economics and other related topics.

The Blog of Cristiano M. Costa was born from the desire to expose some of my ideas and share the knowledge acquired over time. In a way, the blog came into being the moment I felt an absence of interesting economic discussions in my daily life when I was in the PhD at the University of Pennsylvania.

This blog seeks to re-issue the frantic and always controversial discussions that took place on the eleventh floor of FGV-RJ when I was a master’s degree student in economics at EPGE. I sought inspiration from the “blogging” activities of a former teacher and my longtime friend Cláudio Shikida, author of “De Gustibus Non Est Disputandum” . His job of spreading the economy was the starting point for the desire to have a blog become a reality.

The purpose of the blog is to address all economic issues with which I have some familiarity and interest. Day-to-day news will also be treated as important material, but the blog does not seek to compete with other media outlets that make excellent coverage of the Brazilian and international economic environment.

It will also always be the goal of this blogger to avoid issues involving politics and politics. But eventually this becomes inevitable, given the great interrelationship between economy and government. I pledge a great effort to avoid judgments of value, except when some public policy or discourse goes against some very basic economic principle.

Finally, I also promise to make every effort to respect the basic rules of Portuguese, but I will inevitably commit grammatical or spelling mistakes. I leave my apology in advance.