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Although not yet know how many students fall into the program, the federal government launched on Thursday, a scholarship of R $ 400 for students from universities and federal institutes that have a family income of up to 1 , 5 minimum salaries per person and take courses with an average of 5 hours of classes per day. For Indians and Quilombolas, the value is higher: R $ 900.

I am a great enthusiast to stimulate learning and I am sure that financial aid plays an important role. I myself was a scientific initiation fellow, a master’s degree and a doctorate. In all cases I had to give a counterpart during or after the scholarship. And it had a fixed term, determined at the beginning of its term.

However, some aspects of the proposed program have made me a bit disheartened about this project. The first one is this lack of planning. Well, how come you do not know how many students fall into the program? There was no hurry and care was taken in launching the program, huh?

Second, students will receive the scholarship up to one year after graduation. Then I see a serious problem. I studied federal, I know how it works. I had a colleague of mine who had come 5 years earlier. He worked in the academic directory and enjoyed the various privileges of a federal student (cheap lunch, cheap ticket, half-ticket, etc.).

The incentives to graduate and work were low for some. The problem is not the privileges, which are more of a help, in fact. But, the incentive it causes. In the case of the scholarship, the longer the student delays graduation, the longer he has the scholarship. This discourages the search for employment. This is what economic and behavioral theory teaches us.

In the announcement, the Secretary of Higher Education said that he does not know the demand for the resource, but that it has recourse to all the demand (that he does not know what it is). Anyway, I thought it was badly planned.

I think the idea is valid, but some aspects could be changed. In particular, the question of the absence of consideration.

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